A Peaceful Home with a Well-Trained Dog

November 7, 2018 By Keith Lee

A Peaceful Home with a Well-Trained Dog

Dogs bring a lot of joy to a home. They often become a part of the family. Kids, especially, benefit from having a pet in the house. They learn to care for another living thing and form a positive bond. This cannot be accomplished, however, when you have trouble with training. These issues are usually due to a lack of knowledge, not a difficult dog. Humans often must be taught how to interact with their dogs to get the desired results. When people learn the proper techniques, there is a major change in the way the family dog behaves. You can share your home with an animal peacefully with quality training.

Basic Training

Basic dog training in Sydney may start when you first get a puppy. They can start at a young age learning things they need for everyday obedience. They can be taught to sit, lay down, and wait patiently for food. If you want a dog that waits by the door to go out, doesn’t beg at the table, and walks nicely on a leash, you must reinforce the rules daily. A trainer many come in once or twice a week to teach you the techniques. Owners must, however, work with their dog between visits. Large dogs can be especially hard to handle when they reach their full-size if they are not trained properly. Get the basics under control to make sure you have a well-behaved dog.

Special Cases

There are some situations that require special training. With many dogs going into shelters, a lot of people choose to adopt an older dog instead of a puppy. Many of these dogs are easy to handle and have no major issues. There are some, however, that have suffered trauma in their past. They may be incredibly fearful of humans and new situations. This can result in an aggressive reaction when their fears are triggered. Some dogs may also interact poorly with other dogs. These types of cases may require extensive training, and owners must be incredibly careful with their dogs.

Trainers can help your dog overcome their fears. In severe cases, where behaviour is not completely changed, they can help you learn ways to accommodate the dog. This may be with proper use of a muzzle, training collar, or walks late at night when neighbours have gone inside. The same goes for dog selective or aggressive dogs. If you have multiple dogs in the home, your dog must be taught to tolerate the other animals and socialise better. This may involve some separation at first, using comfortable dog crates.

Who’s in Charge?

Most trainers start working with a dog’s owner right away. It is pertinent that the owner let the animals in the home know who is in charge, especially if there are multiple dogs in the home. Things can quickly get out of hand if they do not know the boundaries. A quality dog trainer helps you learn to interact with your dog properly. It is tempting to treat them as an equal, however, this can lead to poor behaviour. Food aggression, resource guarding, and fighting with other dogs can occur when a dog is confused about who is in charge. They may try to fight for the position as leader if it is not established.

Dog training is a great asset for those that need to keep their dog from behaving erratically. It is difficult to run a household with a dog that jumps up on guests, begs at the table, and has accidents in the house. A good trainer can help your dog become an excellent family member. There are also expert trainers that deal with fearful and dog selective dogs. When you first bring your dog home, it is a good idea to get a behaviour assessment from a trainer.