December 12, 2018 By Keith Lee

Choosing Best Automatic feeders for cats in 2018

Hello, thank you for visiting, today we have to review an article that many cat owners make life easier in the midst of the many occupations of modern life, and we refer to the automatic feeders for cats , sold in quite amount in modernity, which makes them a staple item for owners of cats that for some reason should leave them alone for two or three days or up to several weeks, all available through our Amazon catalog , do you come with us? ?

WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder F03—4 Meal

What are automatic cat feeders?

If you want to make sure your cat has access to the correct portions of food at regular intervals when you are not around, then automatic catchers are ideal. There are several different models available from different brands, which means that choosing one is not easy.

To help you decide which is best for you and your pet, we have developed this article to highlight the best brands of automatic cat feeders available to buy from our Amazon catalog .

Guide to buy automatic feeders for cats

We already know that you can make your purchase through our portal, but how do we do it? It’s very simple, everything starts by choosing from the Amazon catalog the automatic cat feeder of your preference, then clicking about it and the system will send you to the Amazon page directly.

From there you can conclude your purchase process with the maximum security that only the world leader in online shoppingcan offer for the sake of your online transactions.

The best automatic feeders for cats

WOPET Automatic Feeder Cats Electronic Dog Feeder with Voice Reminder and Timer


  • Voice recorder and speaker: personal voice message calls your pet
  • The feeder is programmed by WOPET choose up to 4 hours in which wants to supply food, and decide how you want WOPET just want to keep the trough full – -can put an excessive amount. If it detects that the feeder is full for, so there is no risk of it overflowing or clogging
  • It has an INFRARED SENSOR that detects, when it is supplying food, if it has happened with the quantity and the feeding trough too much and a button to give a ration (of five grams) manually at the moment that wants

The dispenser has a capacity of 1.5 kg and allows you to set up to four daily meals of variable quantity (the maximum being 300 grams) with the care that the balls of feed are not larger than 1 cm to prevent the filling of the hole that has where the food comes from

  • Ultra Low Power Consumption: Requires 3 Alkaline Batteries (4D) (not included). The best features with the lowest energy consumption: This device is capable of consuming very little energy, lasting up to 1 year using good quality batteries

UMEI 6litre Automatic Pet Feeders For Dogs and Cats


  • Suitable for small pets, medium pets, large pets. Such as: poodle, Bo Mei dog, cat, shepherd, Labrador and so on
  • low voltage USB power supply, US standards UU., Respectful with the environment and free of contamination. your pet is very safe
  • Capacity: 6 liters, around 6.5 pounds of dry food. Size: L14.2 inches * W8.3 inches * H14.2 inches, 4 meals can be set at different times with different quantities.
  • 10-second voice recording is available for playback during feeding. Automatic detection and controlled feeding to avoid excessive meals
  • Dual power supply, just like the laptop, when the mains power fails, the battery power source will be available. Power supply of the battery, with three D alkaline batteries (not included), the device can work for 2 years.

Amzdeal Automatic Food Feeder for Dogs, Cats and Pets, 5.5L Automatic Feeder with LCD Display, Recording function for 1-3 meals each day


  • STORAGE OF LARGE VOLUME CROPS: This automatic pet dispenser can hold 3 KG of food or 5.5 liters, measured in 45 small cups (Small cup volume is approximately 25 ml). 3 maximum doses and 1-12 cups each dose, for small animals they can eat 4-6 days
  • ADJUSTABLE TIME AND AMOUNT OF DISTRIBUTION: You can schedule the times and amount of each meal of your choice so that the dog and cat feeder can start at the same time each day automatically, do not worry about your pets in your absence
  • VOICE AND MUSIC MESSAGES: You can record a voicemail or mute with a duration of 10 seconds to remind the dog or cat to eat food by listening to your voice. At lunchtime, the messenger or music automatically emits for 3 times VOICE AND MUSIC MESSAGES: You can record a voicemail or mute with a duration of 10 seconds to remind the dog or cat to eat food by listening to your voice. At lunchtime, the courier or music automatically broadcasts 3 times
  • EASY OPERATION: With the LCD screen, you can program the circuit breaker to suit your needs. It is easy to manipulate according to the instructions with good readability on the screen
  • SAVE ENERGY: This automatic feeding trough for dogs and cats works with 3 large batteries, capable of lasting 3 months.