How To Keep Your Dog Fit And Free From Ailments

July 21, 2018 By Keith Lee

How To Keep Your Dog Fit And Free From Ailments

Probably the most common and most loved pet, having a dog in the family is like having another family member. In fact no pet ever reciprocates love in the way dogs do and no pet is as sensitive to the moods and feelings of its loved ones as is a dog. This extreme sensitivity makes it offer silent support when it is most needed thereby endearing it further to the members of the family.

But as with the other family members, a dog is also prone to the normal health ailments which come with age. Hence advance care also needs to be taken to ensure that these ailments like osteoarthritis, degradation and stiffness of the joints etc. can be kept as bay and the most loved pet is able to lead a happy stress-free and healthy life.

Health concerns faced by dogs as they grow

Like humans, dogs also tend to slow down with age. In fact this slowing down or unwillingness to participate in healthy exercises can:

  • Be symptoms of health problems the dog is facing but unable to communicate or
  • Be a factor contributing to the onset of certain diseases.

Either way, the end results generate concern for the pet owners and immense discomfort and pain for the dogs concerned by giving rise to ailments like joint stiffness, arthritis, pain experienced during movement etc.

Benefits of glucosamine for dogs

Since joint pains and arthritis is a very common problem faced by dog owners as their pets grow old, it is necessary to understand the causes and start taking precautions beforehand. It has been generally seen that almost all movement issues faced by dogs is due to a decreased production of glucosamine in their body. This results in the slowing of the process of natural repair in the dog’s body and ultimately results in stiffness of joints and recurring pain.

The development of arthritis has been directly linked to the reduced levels of glucosamine in a dog’s body since this reduction leads to:

  • Wear and tear especially of the joints and
  • Slowing of cartilage repair time.

Thus it becomes important to supplement this since benefits of glucosamine for dogs include:

  • Anti-inflammatory effect resulting a reduction in the pain in the joints,
  • Joints become naturally healthy and lubricated thereby result in increased mobility,
  • Facilitates rebuilding of cartilages etc.

In fact it has been seen in some instances that the regular use of a glucosamine supplement for dogs reduces or even completely eliminates the need for the use of NSAIDS. NSAIDS have side effects which are detrimental for the health of a dog.

The positive effects of administering supplements consisting of glucosamine for dogs can be seen within a few weeks by way of increased playfulness due to reduction in joint stiffness, willingness to go out for walks, ease of climbing stairs etc.

When starting with this health supplement, a loading dose is typically given to the dogs for the initial few weeks so that the dog is able to acclimatise itself with it. After that a reduced or lower maintenance dose can be administered throughout the lifetime of the dog.