How to maintain the health of animals on a farm

August 1, 2018 By Keith Lee

How to maintain the health of animals on a farm

Without healthy animals, a farm will not be able to thrive or reach its full potential. The only way to run your trade efficiently in the farming industry is to make sure that animal health is your top concern. This way, your business will be prosperous, and you won’t have to deal with the expenditures that come from ill or injured animals when these events can be prevented.

Stressed animals

When it comes to animal health on a farm, it starts with calf and lamb rearing. You’ll need to continuously supply a range of nutritional supplements for all of your calves and lambs. Young animals and chickens, in particular, are known for being the animals to get stressed out, and stressed animals are unlikely to produce anything for your farm. In fact, if animals are too stressed, they can get severely ill. It is therefore essential to keep stress levels to a minimum.

Hoof care

When looking at animal health, consider your hoofed animals, and how much they walk about your farm on different terrains and through all sorts of muck. Proper hoof care and maintenance is vital for your sheep, cattle, and pigs you may have on your farm.

Damaged hoofs can cause a range of medical problems for your livestock, which can cause high vet bills, and a lot of animal health issues later on when left untreated. There are several products available on the market in the industry that can help you bathe and assist in protecting the hoofs of your animals. While these hoof care products provide protection to help reduce injury, they also promote healing in case your livestock already has an injury or infection.

Controlling flies on your farm

Without fly control, you’ll find that disease can spread like wildfire on your farm. Flies can be controlled on a farm using a range of methods, including fly spray that is specifically marketed at the farming industry, or keeping sticky fly paper for your barns. Keeping flies away from your animals will stop the pests from spreading diseases between them. Horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs are all at the highest risk on your farm.

Outside of the cleanliness of a farm, your animals need to be cared for at all times. You should remember that disinfectant is one of the most powerful products to own on a farm. Without disinfectant to wash down various parts of your farm and animal housing, you’ll find that animals could become ill, and produce will spoil or be sub-par.

Animal health is the most vital considerations on a farm. Healthy animals have the ability to produce the products that we use for sustenance, as well as materials for the things we wear or use.