Must know things about cat grooming for your short-haired kitty

October 30, 2018 By Keith Lee

Must know things about cat grooming for your short-haired kitty

Owning a pet comes with great responsibilities. You must be very careful about its health and happiness also and treat it like another member of your family. You need to feed it a good and healthy pet food, keep it looking good with pet grooming supplies, bring some pet toys and treats for it so that he doesn’t feel lonely in your absence. You can find every kind of pet products and accessories in the pet shop Dubai.

If you own a short-haired feline, you must be aware of the several facts about her. Although your cat is about keeping herself groomed and clean, she still requires a bit of help from you. You can either opt for professional services of cat grooming Dubai or simply groom her yourself with the help of some grooming tips and tricks mentioned in the article below.

Grooming your short-haired cat is more about making her look good. It can help you to keep an eye on her health and prevent issues like digestive problems and improve the health of her skin and coat. Let us discuss some more benefits of grooming your cat.

Fewer hairballs: although your kitty cleans and grooms herself through her own natural grooming process, you can be a helping hand and make the job easier for her. During her natural procedure, she gets rid of lots of hair. To avoid the dangers of ingestion of the hairballs, you must regularly groom it. It becomes even more important when she is shedding her seasonal coat.

Shiny coat: when you groom your fur ball, it helps to stimulate her skin and produce natural body oils. This helps in keeping her skin and coat clean, soft and shimmery. You must always opt for professional services of cat grooming Dubai during winters because indoor heating can actually leave her skin coarse and dry.

Tones muscles: when you brush her coat gently, you will stimulate the muscles of her body that she flexes and relaxes. This is a perfect way of exercising her muscles and keep her fit, active and in shape. This is a must if your kitty spends most of her time lounging inside the house.

Examination opportunity: you get a perfect opportunity to thoroughly analyse your kitty when you regularly groom her. You get a chance to view her body and catch anything unusual early on so that you can get it removed before it turns into anything hazardous. You can easily check out the hard to reach areas while grooming your kitty.

Bonding time: one of the main benefits of grooming your cat is that you get to spend time with her and strengthen your bond with her. You can build respect and trust among each other and can make the time enjoyable with your kitty.

Essentials for grooming a short haired cat

  • a comb for flea-and-tick
  • a bristled brush
  • mitt or rubber grooming glove


  1. Remove the loose hair on your cat’s body by simply rubbing it down. Also prepare he for the stimulation of the comb, brush, and mitt.
  2. Use a flea and tick comb to check for any flea droppings. These look quite like little black specks of pepper. For preventative measures, always ensure to talk to your vet.
  3. After combing, run the bristled brush from the front of the body down to the tail. Ensure that you brush in the direction of hair growth.
  4. Brush away any loose hair by using your rubber grooming mitt.

Cat grooming tips to follow

Start slow: if this is your first time then it is recommended that you go slow and step by step. Don’t simply rush into full body grooming in a single day. Try combing the first day, brushing your feline the next day and work out this way.

Workaround her schedule: grooming your kitty around her schedule is the best time you can get her to sit still. The time after she has had a nap, or has been fed, or the time when she wants to play with you is the time when she will behave friendly, and probably is the best time you can groom her.

Keep her comfortable: the comfort of your kitty should always be your priority. It would be better if you leave her if she feels uncomfortable, even you get through half of her body. She will gradually let the next grooming sessions last longer.

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