Weird and Gross Things Dogs Love to Eat

November 14, 2018 By Keith Lee

Weird and Gross Things Dogs Love to Eat

Dogs love to eat. Anything and everything is fair game. That cake you just baked? Take your eyes off it for a nanosecond, and Fluffy the Golden Retriever might just gobble it all up. Unfortunately, eating the wrong things can be a costly experience – both for the dog and his owner.

Weird Things

There is no shortage of tales online about dogs who love to eat weird things. Vets are used to dealing with X-rays that reveal all manner of horrifying things. Take a dog called Woof who had a penchant for rubber ducks. By the time his owner spotted him eating one, he needed surgery to remove that and the other four rubber ducks, as well as a toy truck.

Then we have the Great Dane who ate 43 socks. Yes, you read that correctly! Luckily for him, he suffered no ill effects and, after surgery, made a full recovery. Other dogs out there have swallowed knives, fishing hooks, BBQ skewers, and even needles – and lived to tell the tale. The moral of this story is – if your greedy dog starts vomiting, take him to the vet for an X-ray.

Gross Things

Any pet nutrition expert will tell that dogs sometimes eat gross things. It’s perfectly normal and not something you should be too concerned about unless it’s habitual or potentially dangerous. Here is a list of some of the truly gross things dogs love to eat – and why.


To us humans, eating excrement is beyond the pale, but for dogs, it is a tasty snack. Most dogs will eat cat poop if they get the opportunity. To a dog, cat poop smells – and tastes – like cat food, which is highly delicious. However, whilst it probably won’t do your dog much harm, be careful to keep kitty’s cat tray out of harm’s way, as cat litter is toxic when ingested by a dog.

Some dogs love to eat their own poop, as well as other dog poop. If your dog has this disgusting habit, clean up his poop as soon as he does it and keep him on a leash when you walk him outdoors.

Continuing on with poop, dogs are also partial to rabbit poop, chicken poop, and most other poop. If another creature poops within reach of your dog, he will try and eat it given half a chance. The trouble is, eating too much poop may make him vomit, which leads us neatly on to the next point.


Eating vomit is pretty nasty, but dogs will often eat their own vomit shortly after expelling the contents of their stomach. To them, it smells of food and is, therefore, tasty. It’s deeply unpleasant but try not to worry. You do need to be concerned, however, if your dog is vomiting and appears unwell.

Dogs will also munch on anything that smells of food, which includes rubbish. Watch out for discarded food wrappers, as your dog may snaffle it down. Plastic can cause intestinal blockages, which are potentially fatal.